A few days letter I found this funny sofa. Rue du Département Paris 19e. 

I found this chair a few blocs away from my place, so as usual I asked people to sit down for a minute. Rue de l’Aqueduc Paris 10e

Nice surprise from photo development. My friend Yoann gave me some old film he has already used in the past. I didn’t know and took some picture with it ten years after him. Here is the result. A combination of two holidays atmosphere. One in Arles (France), one in Brac (Croatia). 


JONATHAN CHERRY: When did you last see the sunrise?

EDOUARD SEPULCHRE: The proper sunrise with good conditions was in Agadir, last November. Just before going surfing. 

JC: Any emerging artists inspiring you at the moment?

ES: Rone. A French electronic musician. I just discovered his new Album “Tohu Bohu”. It’s the right escapism I’m looking for. When you listen to it your mind starts making its own movie. And Alfredo Futuro an Italian artist very inspiring by his way of life. Some people know how to make art with their life. Others just make art in their life. 

JC: What is your current project all about?

ES: I just finished work on my book about a hospital. Two months inside and a lot of work after. It’s my first book, so it’s a great feeling. I also finished editing a short video portrait of Alfredo Futuro as mentioned above. It’s about memory and freedom. And some documentary projects are on the way.

JC: Where are you currently living and how is it shaping you?

ES: I grew up in Paris, I live there and I like it. There is a good rhythm for life. There is beauty. It’s perfect for travelling by bike. Nevertheless I think I’m going to try somewhere else very soon. People’s mood does not suit me. I want to try Canada. 

JC: One piece of advice to recent photography graduates?

ES: I’m not a photography graduate. But the most important is to share your individual truth about life rather than trying to surprise the audience. Let the subject drive you and take close up pictures. Sometimes we are too far away because we want to stay discreet, but it’s not a good option. 

JC: Any big plans for 2013?

ES: My first medium-length documentary possibly.

JC: Favourite tree?

ES: The tree that stands alone in the middle of the field.

Impression de mon premier livre chez Stipa à Montreuil. 

Printing of my first book at Stipa in Montreuil (Paris)